Teraa South American Delights

Teraa South American Delights

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Fish food for south american species like Pterophyllum Scalare, Mikrogeophagus ramirezi, Apistogramma etc. The granules are soft and easily digestible. 

Analytical Constituents:

Crustacean (24%), Krill(9%), Vegetable Protein, Minerals, Vitamin D3, Canthaxanthin, Probiotics. Vitamins: A (3a672a) 28000 IU, C (3a300) 210 mg, D3 (3a671) 2100 IU; colourants: astaxantin (2a161j) 50 mg; trace elements: Fe (3b103) 33 mg, Mn (3b502) 43 mg, Zn (3b603) 42 mg; with antioxidants.  


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