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Having one of the most spectacular looks, Rainbow Crabs will never fail to grab people’s attention. However, don’t be too mesmerized by their beauty as they can be a fierce beast. In fact, their aggressive behaviour makes them notorious among aquarists.

They belong to the Gecarcinucidae family and are capable of living in both water and on land. This is why a paludarium tank set up is ideal for them.

They are also known as Patriot Crabs, African Rainbow Crabs, Indigo Crabs, Tricolour Crabs, Harlequin Crabs, Halloween Land Crabs, Land Crabs, and Nigerian Moon Crabs.

Origin & Habitat of Rainbow Crab

Originating from the west coast of Africa, you can spot a Rainbow Crabs mostly along the coastal regions in river deltas and other similar brackish areas. Being the semi-terrestrial animal that they are, they can survive both underwater and on land.

As they age, the home that they burrow in the sand becomes more complex and deeper. They need a mix of freshwater and brackish water to survive. In addition, you can’t keep them submerged in water 24*7 as they will drown. They would need areas where they can rise above the water surface.

Their natural habitat is also dominated with the presence of vegetation, rocks and pebbles.

Appearance of Rainbow Crab

Rainbow Crabs have super strong claws, which matches with their aggressive persona.

Lifespan of Rainbow Crab

In the wild, Rainbow Crabs can live up to eight years, but in a captive environment, it a rare sight if they survive more than five years. However, the provision of a healthy environment can largely contribute to their longevity.

Diet of Rainbow Crab

Being the omnivorous animals that they are, you can provide them with a wide range of food. Their primary sources of nutrition are through plants, fruits, waste materials, or any carrion.

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