Purple Spotted Goby

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This larger, beautifully-marked gudgeon is an unfussy fish that is a standout in planted aquariums!


The Purple Spotted Mogurnda Goby (Mogurnda mogurnda) is a very colorful and active fish that is an excellent centerpiece fish for the subropical planted aquarium. It is a much larger relative of the Peacock Gudgeon (Tateurndina ocellicauda) and is native to Southern Australia, where its wild collection is banned. Although it is reportedly endangered in the wild, it is bred by a few commercial farms. Due to its maximum size of 5.5 inches (14 cm), it is not a good companion for dwarf shrimp, but it is typically not aggressive with other animals that are too large to be considered prey.


A well-planted aquarium with plenty of cover is ideal for the Purple Spotted Mogurnda Gudgeon. This species is native to slow-moving rivers and ponds, so it is best kept in an aquarium with slower water flow and, preferably, relatively dim lighting. It is an active species that will be most outgoing when there is plenty of cover present. Low-light plants such as Anubias, Java Fern, and most mosses are excellent plants for this environment.


The Purple Spotted Mogurnda Gudgeon is a predator that enjoys a variety of meaty foods. It is generally not a picky eater and should be fed a variety of frozen, freeze-dried, and dry foods of appropriate size. It can initially be somewhat shy at feeding time when introduced to the aquarium, but will usually become very bold after it settles in. It is an excellent jumper, so a secure lid/cover is necessary for its aquarium.


While it is not generally aggressive, the Purple Spotted Mogurnda Gudgeon can be somewhat territorial. This is not usually a problem in a large enough aquarium with plenty of plants, rocks, and/or driftwood for cover. Males will sometimes squabble in smaller aquariums where such cover is not present. The Purple Spotted Mogurnda Gudgeon will typically eat any animals that will fit in its mouth, but is usually an excellent tankmate for other durable fish and inverts that are too large to be considered prey. At an adult size of up to 5.5 inches, it is not a safe tankmate for dwarf shrimp, but it is fine to keep with most snails and fish that are not small enough to be eaten.


The Purple Spotted Mogurnda Gudgeon is a generally hardy and undemanding fish that is a standout in the appropriate aquarium. Like many members of the goby family, it is a very unique fish and it has plenty of personality and bold coloration to endear it to any aquarist!


What We Like About This Fish:


Bold, beautiful coloration in both males and females

Generally peaceful disposition with tankmates too large to be considered prey

Interesting social behavior when kept in colonies

Very hardy and active with lots of personality



Temperature: 60° - 75° F (15.5° - °23.9 C)

pH: 7.0 – 7.5

GH: 10 – 20 H

Minimum tank size: 40 gallons for a pair, 55+ gallons for a small group



Diet: Predator. Requires high-quality frozen and live foods of appropriate size. Dry foods may be accepted as well.

Social behavior: Peaceful with other larger species, but multiple males may have minor squabbles. Ample territory is recommended for multiple males

Origin: Tank-bred, but indigenous to Southern Australia, but tank-raised in Southeast Asia

Average adult size: 5.5 inches (14 cm)

Average purchase size: 1.5-2.5 inches (3.8 – 6.4 cm)

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