Polka Dot Loach *Super Rare*

Polka Dot Loach *Super Rare*

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Polkadot loaches can be boisterous fish that like the company of their own kind. They love to gather together in certain shelters and can often be seen interacting with each other. They are an active loach and can be seen hovering around the upper levels. In common with other scaleless or small-scaled fish, they are susceptible to ich and other skin parasites. When treating, be sure to check the directions on your choice of cure and follow the directions for scaleless fish.

This species is very variable in pattern and can change quite dramatically as it grows. Generally, the dark areas gradually increase in size as the fish matures. Some races start off with much more dark colouring than others, and some feature almost sky blue spots within the dark areas.

Scientific name: Botia kubotai

Common name: Polka-Dot Loach, Marble Loach, Cloud Botia, Angelicus Loach, Botia "Angelicus", Burmese Border Loach

Synonyms: None.

Distribution: Burmese Border, Ataran River Basin, Myanmar.

Sexual Dimorphism: Unknown.

Maximum size: 5 Inches (13 cm)

Care: Polka-dot Loaches are relatively undemanding fish and once acclimatized can thrive in a wide range of water parameters, although softer and more acidic water is generally preferred. A very social fish, it is best to keep them in groups of three or more. Numerous shelters should be provided which gives them greater security and generally makes them bolder. Like most bottom-dwellers the substrate should consist of a fine-grained or round-edged gravel.

Feeding: Omnivorous; will readily take both commercially prepared foods and live/frozen foods.

Water parameters: pH:6.8-7.5. Hardness: Soft to medium. Max dh:20.0.

Temperature: 75ºF to 82ºF(24-28°C)

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