Lemon Tetra / Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis

Lemon Tetra

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This species’ distribution is somewhat confusing. The type locality is vague (see below), and the majority of subsequent reports pertain to the rio Tapajós basins in central Brazil, one of the primary affluents of the lower Amazon River basin. The species is thus often assumed to be endemic to this watershed, but at least one field observation suggests that it also occurs in the rio Xingu system which borders the Tapajós to the east

Perhaps looks best in an arrangement comprising a sandy substrate plus some driftwood roots and branches, or heavily-planted planted set-up.

The addition of dried leaf litter would further emphasise the natural feel and as well as offering additional cover for the fish brings with it the growth of microbe colonies as decomposition occurs.

The latter are useful since they provide an additional food source for both adults and fry while the humic substances released by decaying leaves are also considered beneficial.

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