Lemon Fin Barb / Puntius jerdoni

Lemon Fin Barb / Puntius jerdoni

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It is predominantly a riverine fish preferring clear, well-oxygenated, running water and has also been found living in slower-moving, deeper parts of large streams at some localities. In the Bharathapuzha River it was recorded mostly in highland areas but observed to move into lowland tidal zones to feed. At higher altitudes it showed a preference for the margins of faster-flowing sections of the river but was also collected from deep, shady pools. Substrates were composed mostly of boulders, bedrock and smaller stones, sometimes sand or gravel. Breeding was noted to occur in smaller, weedy tributaries.

Maximum Standard Length

This species can reach 18.4″/46cm. Other sources may state that it remains smaller in the aquarium but if properly cared for this should not be the case.

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