Pots have lots of mass and healthy, well-developed roots.
Most pots can be divided into several portions or individual plants which are planted separately.

Most plants kept in aquaria are truly bog plants by nature, which can grow emerged (above the waterline) as well as submerged (below the waterline). Only a very small part of aquarium plants are true aquatic plants, like Blyxa or Vallisneria. Those cannot exist above the waterline. Most nurseries cultivate their aquarium plants in their emerged form, which has quite a few advantages. There are no algae, overall cultivation is easier, and water plants tend to grow much faster when cultivated above the waterline.

The emerged form of these bog plants is often quite different from the submerged form. Often they only show their true beauty when cultivated in an aquarium, e.g. they can develop another colour, or grow finer or narrower leaves.

Most potted plants we offer have been cultivated emerged, as they tend to be much more robust than plants from submerged cultivation. Once inside the aquarium they adapt to the new conditions rapidly and assume their underwater form very soon. 

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